Loud, proud and ready to riot. Brisbane based female punk band VOIID make a statement with hard-hitting track ‘Sour’ – taking a stance for women everywhere whilst raising awareness on a current worldwide topic. ‘Sour’ is accompanied by a new video clip, and the announcement of their third EP, premiered yesterday via Blunt Mag.

‘Sour’ is nostalgic of 90s grunge, both in sound and visual aesthetic. Distorted guitar riffs, crisp snares and slacker vocals permeate the soundscape, purposefully setting the tone of the track’s narrative.

Sticking to their guns, the band are unapologetic and passionate about the brash lyrics, highlighting the sensitive topic of sexual assault.

“Our newest release touches on to the hard-hitting subjects such as dealing with sexual assault/abuse, being looked down on for your appearance and dealing with deteriorating relationships”, explains drummer Jasmine Cannon. Outspoken and in-your-face, VOIID aim to use their creative license to call attention to topics that are both relatable and weighty.

Jasmine continues to explain, “the importance of this song, the seriousness of it..we’re not going to hide our lyrics or experiences just so the mainstream can turn a blind eye”.

Filmed and edited by Jack Cassidy who created VOIID’s previous video clip for ‘Hell’, the gritty and grimy video signifies a middle finger to the patriarchy. ‘Sour’ is from their third EP that will arrive in June.

The group have had a successful run in 2019, including plays on triple j unearthed, a premiere on triple j’s Home & Hosed for ‘Hell’, and amassing over 230,000 streams across their Spotify and Apple Music to date. They also toured with DZ Deathrays alongside Polish Club and The Buoys as well as playing Festival Of The Sun Festival in December.

VOIID’s single ‘Sour’ is out NOW.

Editor note: The text in this article is taken directly from a press release.

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