Ways to fix common clothing problems

If you’re into style or not. You have to wear clothes. In some cases, maybe not, but most of the time, you’re going to have to wear something so you don’t get arrested.

It doesn’t matter what your views on style and fashion are, the chances are you’ve probably had to deal with one or two commons issues or awkwardness.

Some of these annoyances can make you feel uncomfortable throughout the day. Which means you’ll have a more shitty day than you want.

Below we’re gonna highlight a few of these things and how to hopefully fix them.

Stupid tan marks without knowing

As you spend more and more time in the sun passively, your skin will start to develop more colour. If you’re wearing t-shirts quite frequently and every now and then being in the sun, you won’t really notice until you want to actually take your shirt off for the beach. You’re left with stupid lines on your arms and around your neckline.

One way to help reduce the number of stupid lines is to add body cream with sun protection in regularly. Ideally, your entire body every day if you can.

Not only will you be protected from the sun’s harmful rays, but you’ll also reduce the number of silly tan lines, you’ll have softer skin, and you’ll smell much nicer.

Sweating a heck of a lot

Not only do you feel awkward. But you may start to smell a little, which isn’t good for anyone. You feel less confident, and it can really mess up your day.

An easy way to fix this is to cool down your body temperature with the right clothing, as well as trimming your body hair from a variety of places.

If you have back hair, this is a really good place to start. If you have the time it’s best to get it waxed, however, there are tools around that can help you trim without any hassle.

Another place to trim quite frequently is your armpits. Make sure you keep them trimmed right down, especially when wearing a shorter t-shirt, as you don’t want the hair to be creeping out the bottom of sleeves.

The less hair you have on your body in the areas you sweat a lot, the less likely that you’ll overheat and sweat. And if you do, there will be less hair there to make things smelly.

The zipper that just keeps opening

Annoying, and very awkward. You may have the coolest jeans that look awesome, but when your man stuff is creeping out inappropriately throughout the day, it is safe to say that you need to do something about it before someone gets hurt.

It probably due to your zipper being a little loose, or old. So an easy fix is to grab a keyring ring, and attach it to the zip handle. Then, once zipped up, just pop the ring around your button.

Blisters on your heel

There are two reasons this usually happens, and it’s really uncomfortable if you have them. Firstly, if your shoes are brand new and they’re super stiff. This means they are literally scraping the skin off your feet.

Or, they could just be too tight for you, to the point that they are not giving your feet the natural mobility to glide up and down. If this is the case, it would be better to get new shoes.

One of the easiest ways to fix this is to use a little bit of deodorant. Just grab some deodorant, ideally, the stuff will very few chemicals in and apply to your heel.

This will lubricate that part of your foot so will remove a lot of the friction, and any blisters that might occur.

Yellow armpit stains

How many times have you seen this completely destroy your white t-shirts? Annoying isn’t it. One of the most effective ways to never have to deal with this again is to use deodorants with fewer chemicals in.

The more chemicals in deodorants, the more likely they’re mixed with your bodies natural oils and waters to create these stains. Try to find something you like and is ideally natural, that hasn’t murdered any animals in the process.

These were just some of the most common clothing problems we find. Have you got any regular clothing issues you want solving? Leave your comments below.

By Jack

Hi there. I am the Owner of Digital Warble, and a Digital Creative based in Amsterdam.