Will's Vegan Shoes London doesn't do fast fashion

Will’s Vegan Shoes London doesn’t do fast fashion or carbon footprints

Scouring the web to find sustainable clothing brands and vegan footwear is super rewarding when you stumble across gems like Will’s vegan shoes. This amazing online vegan store offers carbon-neutral products, is a carbon-neutral company and stocks shoes for vegans.

Established in 2012, Will’s Vegan Store is an online vegan store at the forefront of vegan clothing and sustainable fashion. Offering a range of vegan essentials including sustainable vegan shoes, vegan boots, vegan sneakers and vegan bags, Will’s Vegan Store is changing the way we look at fashion.

Vegan boots
Will’s vegan boots in different colours

No material left behind

All of the materials used to make vegan shoes, from the fabrics to the glue, are vegan. Everything they make is Vegan Society registered and features the vegan trademark for your assurance.

Will’s vegan shoes and accessories make conscious fashion easier, they also go one step further by using Italian vegan leather made from plants. The material is produced from cereal crops grown in northern Europe to create a bio-oil in a carbon-neutral process.

Will's vegan shoes eco-friendly packaging
Will’s vegan shoes eco-friendly packaging

And, there is no need to worry about your delivery footprint too as Will’s Vegan Store offers eco-friendly, sustainable, and easily recycled packaging.

Don’t expect to see a vegan shoe sale

Will’s Vegan Store doesn’t do fast fashion. They’re in it for the long run. Don’t expect to see seasonal sales, clearance events or Black Friday discounts. Everything is designed and manufactured to be sustainable, so you buy less, reducing your impact on the environment.

So next time to need some footwear ethical vegan shoes, give Will’s vegan shoes a run for their money.