One of the leaders in fast fashion has announced that it will make a commitment to move towards more sustainable fabrics by 2025. In the shorter term, Zara aims to bring their 7,500 strong store army into the new eco-efficient era and has committed zero waste in landfills from Zara facilities.

Currently, 20% of Zara’s collection use sustainable fabrics. Which is a great start. Yet their aim to have that percentage increase to 100% in just over five years. It’s ambitious but positive. And their new board of directors are solely focused on this eco direction.

Zara also hopes to be using 80% renewable energy consumption in its stores, headquarters, and logistics plants by 2025, eliminate single-use plastic supplied to its clients. They have already made moves internally to use recycled plastics, and cardboard shipping boxes up to six times, as well as working on a way to re-circulate clothes hangers.

Zara’s steps towards becoming a more sustainable business is great news, and it’s hopefully the evolution of the fast fashion industry.

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